How It All Begun

Born in to a modest family of diamond cutters and goldsmiths, Nayna learnt about her unique heritage while still a young child. She could trace her lineage to the 18th century, when her ancestors had been personal jewelers to the royal families of Western India in Gujarat. Growing up on these tales of lavish splendour, fired Nayna’s imagination so much so, that when a wealthy uncle gifted her a small purse embroidered with threads of real gold, on her fourth birthday, it became her most prized possession. The purse was tiny, barely large enough to fit a couple of pennies, but it marked the beginning of a lifelong fascination with beautiful jewelry, in all its forms. Realizing early on that jewelry was the perfect channel for her artistic interests; she pursued a formal education with zeal. After graduating from art school and taking courses at GIA, Nayna's natural confidence allowed her to try out new and bold forms as she ventured into the international market.

The Belief System

Close your eyes for a moment and think what comes to your mind when I mention the word, jewelry. Do you think of dazzling diamonds, exquisite gemstones, glistening gold, beautiful rings and gorgeous earrings? Ask me the same question and what floods my whole being is - stories. Beautiful stories, stories of everyday celebrations and special occasions, heart wrenching tales of love and life-defining moments, stories that have taken relationships to the next level or cemented existing ones, stories that have become legends in their own right embodying values and character, each of them special and unique in their own way. For me, the essence of any piece of jewelry is the invisible story, beating like a heart, inside the casing of precious metals and gemstones. There is nothing more beautiful than a gorgeous piece of jewelry to celebrate the special moments of life - and I consider it my responsibility to offer you something so exceptional and matchless, that you find it worthy of being a part of your own wonderful story.

About the Brand

Hailing from a grand family of Indian jewellers, Nayna Mehta designs exquisite diamond jewelry that caters to a wide variety of tastes. With over 25 years of experience as a designer, she creates exquisite jewellery that has evolved from classy to contemporary, keeping the essence of the brand Nayna Mehta intact. Passionate about design, craftsmanship and detail since she was a little girl, Nayna has had the privilege of making some of the finest pieces of jewelry that have a global appeal. The design and manufacturing of every piece of jewelry is keeping with the highest global standards, not to mention the most beautiful of gemstones and noble metals. Distinguished retail jewellers across the globe in USA, Canada, UK, Middle East, South Africa, India, Australia, and Hong Kong showcase our range of jewellery.